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What is the difference between Total Knee Replacement Surgery and Partial Knee Replacement Surgery?

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Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Apart from many destructive diseases for the knee joints, Osteoarthritis is the most common cause to undergo total knee replacement surgery. The symptoms of Osteoarthritis include swollen joints, stiffness in the joints, squeaking sound that your joints make while you are in motion, and weakness in the joints. Total knee replacement is a surgical procedure where the knee joint is replaced with artificial materials, also known as prosthesis.

Your knee as a movable joint is a meeting point for the thigh and lower leg. During the surgical procedure, the thigh bone also known as the femur is replaced with a metal shell. The end of the lower leg bone also known as the tibia is replaced with a channeled plastic piece with a metal stem. This allows your knee joint to flex and bend more freely and painlessly. In some cases, a plastic button is added under the kneecap surface of the knee joint.

Partial Knee Replacement Surgery

In the past, only patients aged above sixty and physically inactive were considered for the surgery. However, today active and younger patients have been increasingly considered for partial knee replacement. As the term suggests partial knee replacement, the surgery replaces only one part of a troubled knee, either interior or exterior or kneecap part of the knee. The incision required as compared to the total knee replacement surgery is smaller. The procedure results in less pain, less bone and less blood loss.

Despite taking prescribed drugs as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle, if you feel pain on your knees, you may be considered to undergo this type of knee surgery. The doctor observes the area of the knee that is troubling you. Then, an X-ray of the knee will determine whether you should go for the surgery or not.

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