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What all kinds of shoulder problems are treated with arthroscopy?

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Shoulder pain is a commonly heard problem and it does have various forms. Before you start the treatment, it is important to have a proper diagnosis and identify the source of the pain.

  • Rotator Cuff Tears: A group of four tendons and muscles surrounding the shoulder joint is termed as rotator cuff. Tendons are responsible to connect the muscles to the bone. Therefore, when rotator cuff tears, tendons are mainly injured. Limitation in the function of tendons would result in stability and lifting movements of the shoulder. In many cases, the problem is cured non-surgically. However if the problem is found severe, then arthroscopic surgery would repair the torn tendons.
  • Shoulder Instability: In certain cases, the socket of the shoulder joint is not able to keep the ball tightly and it often gives a feeling to the person that the shoulder may dislocate or shift to other place. Patients who have sustained shoulder dislocation earlier, athletes such as swimmers, volleyball players and baseball pitchers and people with connective tissue disorders are prone to suffer the problem of shoulder instability. In cases where therapy programs have failed to treat the problem, arthroscopy is a good option.
  • Shoulder Bursitis: Shoulder bursitis is one of the most common diagnosis that a doctor detects when you complain about shoulder pain. The problem is technically termed as impingement syndrome. In simple words, the abnormal shapes of the shoulder bones don’t allow enough space for tendons and bursa. Therefore, every time these tendons and bursa try to move, a sense of pain is felt in the shoulder. This results in inflammation and thickening of tendons and bursa. If you don’t get a positive result after three to six months of non-surgical medication and therapies, the doctor is likely to suggest you arthroscopic surgery.
  • Biceps Tendonitis: Tear in the biceps tendon could lead to condition such as abnormality in biceps muscle. Biceps muscle is responsible for bending of elbow and upward movement of forearms. An arthroscopic surgery is performed to move the tendon from its normal attachment within the shoulder joint to a new location in the arm bone.
  • Frozen Shoulder: You feel a sense of restriction in the motion and pain in shoulder joints. The cause of the problem remains unclear. The possible reasons could be age, gender, endocrine disorders, any shoulder surgery before, etc. The capsule that surrounds the shoulder joint is often affected, forming scar tissue. The symptom of a frozen shoulder is the growing pain for last twelve to eighteen months. An arthroscopy is useful in cases where therapies and medications do not work.
  • AC Joint Arthritis: The shoulders are so commonly used part of our body and hence, there’s every possibility that after a point the joint surface of the shoulder may wear out. AC joint arthritis is the exact result of the continuous movement. The first symptom is usually pain while the shoulder is in motion. Considering the severity of the symptoms and pain, the surgery is necessary.

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