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W Pratiksha Hospital


About W Pratiksha Hospital

W Pratiksha Hospital offers the highest standards in healthcare through a combination of cutting edge technology, a team of well-qualified, experienced and dedicated doctors with global education and experience, and super specialized clinicians. We bring to you 25 years of experience in treating thousands of happy patients across multiple hospitals and clinics in India.

An ultra-modern hospital with comfortable ambience, W offers a touch of warmth, the highest regard for patient privacy and transparent billing practices which has earned us our patients’ trust. We ensure that this quality care comes to you at the most affordable cost, in the most easily accessible city in India. A plethora of stay options to suit every pocket; along with all the delights of multi-cultural north India and exotic places to travel to, further makes us the preferred destination for domestic and international patients.

Location of W Pratiksha Hospital is present in – Haryana -Gurugram, Assam -Guwahati.

  1. Infertility Treatments – W Pratiksha Hospital for IVF & Infertility Treatments – Read More about Infertility Treatments in India – click here –
  2. Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy – W Pratiksha Hospital for Diabetes Treatment – Read More about Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy Treatment in India for Diabetes treatment – click here
  3. Orthopaedic Surgeries – W-Pratiksha Centre for Orthopaedics – Read more about Knee Replacement in India – click here
  4. Spine Surgeries – W-Pratiksha centre for Spine surgeries – Read more about spine surgeries in India – Click here

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Doctors Available At W Pratiksha Hospital

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Dr. Hemant Sharma
Experience in Years
22 Years
Dr. Harnarayan Singh
Experience in Years
14 Years
Dr. Dheeraj Gupta
Experience in Years
26 Years
Dr. Sandeep Dawre
Experience in Years
11 Years
Dr. Amish Vora
Experience in Years
10 Years
Dr. Raman Tanwar
Experience in Years
12 Years

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Aysapar - HBG
Mr. Mohsin from HBG Medical Assistance was very kind and helped me too much. He met us at the airport and came to hospital with us. We did not face any problem in the hospital because Mohsin knows Uzbek well and he helped us in each and every moment during my treatment in India. He is v […]
2 votes
Dennis Deus | HBG
Allow me to extend a warm appreciation to you and your team; special thanks to the HBG Medical Assistance team of Jagruti, Khushboo, Prakhar, Gufran for taking the personal initiative to ensure that my stay in India is well catered for. All my medical issues may not have been addressed d […]
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