Turan-Turan Hospital

Turan-Turan Hospital

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The Turan-Turan Musculoskeletal center is a new comprehensive orthopedic clinic, hospital and rehabilitation centre in Bursa, Turkey. Robotic Orthopedic Surgery Center was established in 2016 under Turan Turan Health Group by Orthopedic Surgeon Kayhan Turan who has taken several firsts with 25 years of experience in orthopedics, in Bursa Turkey. Our all specialists doctor, surgeon and medical professional are improving themselves with CEP (Continuing Education program).Our centre provide the highest quality service to our patients with the advanced technology, patient-oriented medical approaches and CE certified global products. The basis of our services is scientific discipline, cutting edge equipment and cooperation between qualified personnel.

Locations – Turan Turan Hospital is present in Turkey (Bursa)

Main Departments – Turan-Turan Hospital has following main departments-

Neuro-Surgery at Turan Turan Hospital – Know More about Neuro-surgery – https://hbgmedicalassistance.com/neurology-and-neurosurgery-treatments/

Spine Surgery at Turan Turan Hospital – Know More about Spine Surgery – https://hbgmedicalassistance.com/spine-surgery-treatments/ 

Oncology at Turan Turan Hospital- Know More about Prostrate Cancer Treatment – https://hbgmedicalassistance.com/permanent-cure-for-prostate-cancer/

Ophthalmology at Turan Turan Hospital- Know More about Treatment of Uveitis – https://hbgmedicalassistance.com/treatment/uveitis/

News about the Hospital – 

Nairametrics – June 27, 2021 – Turkey follows India in Top destinations for Nigerians for healthcare

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The Turan Turan in Turkey facility is planned patient centric. Each Turan Turan clinic modules include an x-ray room, blood draw lab, casting room, and procedure room. Each inpatient unit includes all private rooms with physical therapy spaces with the units.

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