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Acibadem Hospital is one of the most trusted and famous hospital at the location of Istanbul, Turkey. Acibadem Healthgroup was established at October 2015. The hospital is designed as a general purpose hospital on an indoor approximately 24 Thousand square meter. The hospital is having the 93 beds and 6 operating room. The Hospital has accreditation of JCL and quality standard of the ministry healthcare in improving the healthcare quality and patient security. The hospital main advantage of Acibadem Healthcare Network is the forward technologies for diagnostics and therapy with the qualifications and standing of the experts who apply them. Acibadem Health group providing the companies 360 degree in all filed of the medicine. Acibadem network consist of 22 infirmaries, 20 out-patient clinics in five countries where as 3,500 medics, 4,000 nurses and about 22,500 staff operate on a daily basis.

Location- Acibadem Hospital is located at- ALTUNIZADE HOSPITAL (Istanbul),


Acibadem Hospital has following main department-

  1. Neuro-Surgery – Know More about Neuro-surgery –
  2. Spine Surgery – Know More about Spine Surgery – 
  3. Oncology – Know More about Prostrate Cancer Treatment –
  4. Ophthalmology- Know More about Treatment of Uveitis –

Important news about the hospital- Acibadem Hospitals reaches Ethiopia

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There are 22 hospital and 16 clinic make up Acibadem. The hospital is fitted with the 350 or more beds. Acibadem healthgroup is the most trusted hospital and use the advanced technologies for the complex surgeries. The hospital is having the 3500 doctors and 4000 nurses for the service of the patient anytime.

Cosmetic    |    ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat)    |    Gynecology    |    Neurosurgery & Neuro Critical Care    |    Opthalmology    |    Orthopedics    |    Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery    |    Urology

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