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Rhinoplasty (Nose job or nose reshaping)

Get Rhinoplasty (Nose job or nose reshaping)
Rhinoplasty (Nose job or nose reshaping)

About Rhinoplasty (Nose job or nose reshaping)

RhinoplastyWhat is Rhinoplasty (Nose Job or Nose Reshaping)?


Rhinoplasty is a nose shape-changing surgery. It can alter the nose, enhance respiration or both. The upper part of the nose structure is bone, and cartilage is the lower part. Bone, cartilage, skin or all three can be altered.


What are the symptoms leading to doctor’s recommending – Rhinoplasty (Alternation of the Nose)?


  • Rhinoplasty is recommended for people who may wish to improve the look of their nose.
  • Rhinoplasty is also recommended to people who may have excess bone in the nose making breathing difficult


Evaluations for Rhinoplasty (Alternation of the Nose)


  • Blood tests
  • CT scan
  • Anesthesia clearance
  • Physical Examination


Rhinoplasty (Alternation of the Nose) ProcedureRhinoplasty


Local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia is required, based on the complexity of the procedure and the preferences of the surgeon. Rhinoplasty can be performed inside the nose or between the nostrils by a tiny internal cut at the base of the nose. The doctor will probably rectify the bone and cartilage below the skin. The surgeon may use cartilage from inside of the nose or ear for small changes. The surgeon might use cartilage in the rib, implants or bone of certain parts of the body to make substantial changes. The surgeon will put the skin and tissue back of the nose and stitch the incisions into the nose while such changes have been made. The surgeon can also rectify the wall between both sides of the nose to enhance breathing if it is bent or crooked.


Estimated Costs


Hospital City Estimated Cost of Investigations Estimated Cost of Procedure
W Pratiksha Hospital Gurugram USD 400-500 USD 2500
Artemis Hospital Gurugram USD 400-500 USD 2800
BLK Super Specialty Hospital New Delhi USD 400-500 USD 3800
Jaypee Hospital Greater Noida USD 400-500 USD 3500
Fortis La Femme Hospital New Delhi USD 400-500 USD 3500
Apollo Spectra Hospitals Mumbai USD 400-500 USD 3000
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Dr. Mukund Jagannathan
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Dr. Ajaya Kashyap
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Dr. Sandeep Dawre
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Dr. Ashish Rai
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