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About Hadassah Hospital in Israel

Hadassah University Medical Center is Israel is one of the most trusted hospital in the healthcare line. It is only one of the medical centre where academic medical institution that combine teaching and training in one campus. It was established in 1961, Hadassah Medical Center has been a leader in the medicine and nursing of Israel. The hospital provides the 800-tertiary care beds and used the modern technologies to work on the complex surgery. With more than 130 divisions and facilities, Hadassah Ein Kerem gives Israel’s most developed indicative and helpful administrations for the neighborhood and public populace and countless global patients. Hadasaah Hospital is also very famous for advancement in technology and research. It has lately come out with pathbreaking research and treatment of cancers. Specially treatment of relapsed cancer of blood and skin. Its CAR-T therapy and TIL therapies for treatment of blood Cancer, relapsed cases and Skin Cancer relapsed cases respectively are finding takers from all over the world. With all these new methods of treating cancers, Hadassah Hospital has not only been epitome of cancer care in Israel but it has become one of the renowned hospital all over the world.

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Specialty Treatment – 

  1. CAR-T Cell Therapy – Read more about Chimeric Antigen Receptor Therapy for blood cancers.
  2. Skin Cancer and Melanoma Treatment – Read More about skin Cancer Treatment in Israel
  3. Bone Marrow Transplants – Read more about Bone Marrow Transplant.
  4. Cancer Treatments – Read more on recent developments in cancer treatment in Israel.
  5. Blood Cancer Treatment – Read more about Blood Cancer Treatment in Israel. 

How to access Hadassah Hospital – Kindly write and email to us at, India’s leading medical assistance company
Frequently asked questions –

  1. Is Treatment in Israel Expensive?
    Yes, Treatment in Israel is very expensive.
  2. Does Hadassah Hospital offer CAR-T Cell Therapy?
    Yes, CAR-T Cell Therapy is offered at Hadassah Hospital.
  3. How can I travel to Hadassah Hospital?
    You may write to us with details of what you need at
    . We will help you travel to Hadasaah Hospital in Israel.
  4. Can I get discount at Hospitals in Israel?
    We can try for some cost reductions at Hadassah on a special case basis. 
  5. Is Hadassah Best Hospital for treatment of Blood Cancer?
    Yes, Hadassah is one of the best hospital for blood cancer in the world. Specially for those cases in which the blood cancer treatment locally has failed with chemotherapy and Bone Marrow Transplant.

News about Hadassah Hospital –
JPost – June 23-2021 – Blue and White CAR-T cell Therapy
San Diego Jewish World -June 13, 2021 – Good News from Israel, Israel’s Medical Achievements

Facilities in Hadassah Hospital in Israel

24 Hr Pharmacy
Airport Pick-n-Drop
Ambulance Services
Appointment Scheduling
Car Parking
Family Accommodation
Foreign Exchange Services
Accommodation Booking
International Patients Lounge
Local Tourism Options
Medical Records Transfer
Translation services
Travel Booking assistance
Visa / Travel office
Caregiver Accommodation
USD Payment Accepted
24/7 Emergency Services
Prayer Room
Restaurant and Room Service
Cashless Services

Doctors Available At Hadassah Hospital in Israel

Hadassah Hospital in Israel’s Infrastructure

The infrastructure of the hospital, it was established in 1961 and over-all 800 tertiary beds are provided in the hospitals. With over 130 different and clinic, Hadassah Ein Kerem gives Israel’s most progressive symptomatic and helpful administrations for the neighborhood and public populace and countless worldwide patients. The exceptional examination offices incorporate the Hadassah Clinical Research Center, the Goldyne Savad Institute for Gene Therapy, the Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research Center, Israel’s just medical clinic based cyclotron, and a top notch GMP lab. Along with the Hebrew University, Hadassah gives extraordinary training and clinical experience through its schools of medication, nursing, dental medication, general wellbeing and word related treatment and appreciates a synergistic relationship in numerous parts of clinical exploration, among them Hadassah Medical Center-Hebrew University Biotechnology Park.

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Between $15-$25

Cash in USD, Credit / Debit Cards, Wire Transfers

The hospital offers most modern diagnostic equipment, latest surgical techniques, board qualified doctors with many years of experience. The Operation theaters run with state-of-the-art facilities. The hospital has robotic surgery systems, neuro-navigations systems and many other most modern technology to easy a patient’s journey to quick recovery and sound health .

You may write to us at for detailed advise

There are wonderful options available near the hospital for accommodation starting at $18 a night with bed and breakfast

The area is safe and clean. There are many hotels, guest houses and restaurents near the hospital. Local Transport is easily available. All necessary amenities and services are available at a short walking distance. For any specific need, our case managers can help and guide you.

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