HBG is active in 11 countries and reaches out to patients via various channels. But what is also important is that a large number of Insurance companies and corporate are using HBG’s services to reach out to Indian Hospitals.

HBG on behalf of these insurance companies manages the patients travelling to India, referred by these insurance companies.

HBG’s vast provider network helps these insurers to choose the best medical facility, the best doctor and the most effective price proposition.

A tie up with High Beam Global will mean :-

  • The Best Prices from the Hospitals – Given our extensive network, we have been able to negotiate the best prices from the hospitals 1
  • The Enormous Cost Savings – As we can give you the best prices, it mean extra costs saving for you. As an organization each dollar saved is each dollar earned!
  • Credit Facilities – Credit Facilities to our select partners to facilitate an emergency and immediate treatment of the patients
  • Our Contribution to Increase in Your Business – We work alongside you to increase your business. We offer you products to sell. We go to corporate you deal with to give talks and make medical checkups. Our doctors visit Nigeria to help you decide upon medical cases.
  • Free Second Opinion – You may choose to discuss cases with our doctors where you doubt that the current treatment option may not be correct or is expensive.
  • The Unmatched Range of Medical Choices – High Beam Global has range of panellist from East, West, North and South of India. More than 10000 doctors and more than 250 hospitals units. This results in Best Options in form of doctors and Hospitals.
  • Patient Dedicated Operations Team – Each and every patient is assigned a dedicated case manager to take care of each and every need
  • Complete package including Visa assistance and ticketing – HBG on request can arrange for visa assistance and tickets for the patients as well thus relieving the insurer of this tough task of travel arrangements.
  • Our Experience in Dealing with Insurance and Corporate Sector – We understand your needs and we will fulfil them.

Today a large number of insurance companies from Kenya have High Beam Global as their representatives in India. Insurance Companies such as Resolution Health, CIC Insurance and Jubilee Insurance from Kenya use our services to serve their patients. Similarly several Health Management Organizations (HMOs) from Nigeria are using HBG to get the best service for their patients.

“Largest Medical Assistance Company in India”

Our Insurance Partners

Britam Insurance

British-American Investments Company Limited is a leading diversified financial services group in the region offering a wide range of insurance and asset management services to individuals, small businesses, corporations and government entities. British-American is a global financial services company with offices in London, Mauritius, Malta, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan.

Pathway International’s

Pathway International’s is trusted by doctors and patients because the philosophy and mission of the organization reflects a deep commitment to the highest level of medical care and patient respect. The entire Pathway International team is fully aligned with the ideology of saving lives, doing good, and caring for patient health and well-being.

CIC Insurance Group Limited

For more than three decades, the CIC Insurance Group has dependably shouldered the risks of the Kenyan people through providing insurance services that help you plan for life stage needs, secure your future, protection you against rising health expenses and safeguard your investments.

Pacis Insurance Company LTD

The Catholic Church mooted the idea of the formation of Pacis Insurance Company Limited (Pacis) in 1997. This was after realisation that the church needed to have a sustainable avenue of raising funds to support her projects. Pacis was incorporated in Kenya in October 2004 and licensed to do business in August 2005.

Resolution Insurance

Resolution Insurance entered the Kenyan market in 2002 (as Resolution Health East Africa), the first company to be registered as a Medical Insurance Provider (MIP). We were recognized as Medical Insurance Provider of the Year in 2012 in the Think Business Insurance Awards.

We were licensed as a General Insurer by the Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) in 2013. We are licensed to provide Personal Accident, Workmen’s Compensation, Liability, Medical and Miscellaneous classes of General Insurance Business.

With 10 years experience, Medical Insurance is our core product. We have managed the medical needs of over 60,000 members comprising of corporate, social groups, families and individuals through innovative solutions.