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Limb Lengthening Treatment in India

Limb Lengthening Treatment in India

About Limb Lengthening Treatment in India

Limb Lengthening

What is Limb Lengthening?

Limb Lengthening is attained through the body’s ability to produce new bones and the surrounding and supporting soft tissues, ligaments, blood vessels, and nerves. It starts with a procedure called an osteotomy, where the orthopedic surgeon cuts the bone for lengthening. The limb is then stabilized with a number of external or internal frame fixations.

It may be done acutely or gradually:

  • Acute Limb Lengthening – Some limb defects can be treated acutely through limb reconstruction, so treatment is done in one procedure, and a gradual correction is not required. The bone, which needs to be fixed, is divided, rearranged, and then kept in the correct place with metal plates, screws with this kind of procedure.
  • Gradual Limb Lengthening – In this procedure, an external fixator is mounted on the limb, which can extend a shorter limb, correct deformity, and both. The surgeon performs an osteotomy using the fixator. This means that the bone is divided gently. On the basis of the sort of adjustment needed for the individual, the doctor will decide where to perform the osteotomy.

What are the symptoms of Limb Lengthening?

  • A leg shorter than the other
  • Walking issues
  • Posture issues
  • Pain

Evaluations for Lengthening 

  • X-rays
  • MRI
  • Hormone tests

Treatment for Limb Lengthening

The patient will be given general anesthesia in this procedure. An incision is created via the skin and the bone is put into the lengthening device. There is a further incision to cut the bone. This is where the bone grows. The cut bone is pushed through the lengthening device. To maintain the lengthening device in position, screws are placed in it. The surgeon makes sure that the magnet motor works correctly using the remote controller. The stitches close the incisions.

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Estimated Limb Lengthening Surgery Cost in India

The cost for investigations would generally range between USD 600 to USD 700.

The cost of the procedure would generally be as follows:

Hospital City Cost of Procedure  
Artemis Hospital Gurugram USD 7800
Jaypee Hospital Greater Noida USD 8000
BLK Super Specialty Hospital New Delhi USD 8200
Indraprastha Apollo Hospital New Delhi USD 8400
W Pratiksha Hospital Gurugram USD 7400
Sharda Hospital Noida USD 7000
Max Hospital Gurugram USD 7200

About Limb Lengthening Surgery in India

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