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Dr. S. K. Pal

Consult Dr. S. K. Pal
Dr. S. K. Pal
34 Years
Languages Spoken
English, Hindi

About Dr. S. K. Pal

Dr. S.K Pal is an eminent endourologist and has most innovative skills and aggressive procedural expertise in various techniques of standard and mini PCNL, RIRS and URS. He has excelled in the field of both upper and lower endocrinology and was elected as National convener of endocrinology by Urological Society of India. He has been a regular National & International faculty for performing and teaching various operations in India and Abroad. He has earned a reputation of International authority on stone disease. He has been invited on several occasions by various organisations like joe segura course of American Urological Association, Society International Urology (SIU), World Congress of Endocrinology (WCE), Chinese Urolithiasis Association, Philippines Urological Association and Pakistan Association of Urological Surgeons and few others for delivering orations on the subjects related to stones in urinary system

Dr. S. K. Pal’s Qualifications


Dr. S. K. Pal’s Memberships


Dr. S. K. Pal’s Speciality


Dr. S. K. Pal’s Previous Experience/Employment

1995 – 2015 Director at PM Stone Clinic,Kalkaji

Dr. S. K. Pal’s Research and Publications

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

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Office No. 001, Ground Floor ASCOT CENTRE, Sahar Rd, near Hilton Hotel, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400099
Muthithi Road 18 Westlands, Kenya


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