Dental Corticotomy
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What is Corticotomy?Corticotomy

It involves only cutting the outer cortex and keeping the periosteal membrane and internal medula untouched. The operation performed to increase the bone growth. In distraction osteogenesis, Corticotomy is especially essential. The bones consist of both external cortex and internal medulla, which gives the

bone its rigidity by being hard mineralized. The soft inner portion of the medulla containing the bone marrow. The blood cells are produced in that bone marrow. As the individual becomes older, the fatty tissue of many bones replaces the bone marrow. A membrane called a periosteum is located on the outside of the bone. It comprises of two parts, the external fibrous tissue and an internal osteogenic layer which adds to bone cell formation. The cortex is intentionally broken during the corticotomy surgical technique. The fracture functions as a stimulus to encourage the development of new bone.

Dental Corticotomy

What are the symptoms for Corticotomy?

  • Pain in the affected area
  • Sprains


Evaluations for Corticotomy

  • X-rays
  • CT scan
  • MRI
  • Blood tests
  • Urine tests


Treatment for Corticotomy 

  • The dental procedure – The PAOO technique’s corticotomy surgery is performed under local anesthesia. A gum flap is lifted to give the surgeon access to the jaw bone next to the incorrectly placed teeth. After repositioning, the surgeon allows the flap such that aesthetics are not impacted. This follows a corticotomy of the bone that is performed using a round burs or piezoelectric knife at low speeds. The internal and exterior parts of the alveolar bone, the bone that retains the tooth, are corticotomised. In PAOO, the next step will be the insertion of a bone graft, which might have been the patient’s own bone or bovine graft. Then the flap is secured using non-absorbable sutures that are removed after few weeks.


  • The orthopedic procedure – The surgery for extending the limb is performed under general anesthesia. A wide tool called the Ilizarov ring fixator will sterilize and fix the limb to be operated on. Drilling and attaching the wires to the outside metal rings will take place through the skin and bones. After the tool is corrected, a tiny skin-incision is created with the assistance of a device known as an osteotome, which triggers the bone fracture at the predetermined place. The bone medulla is not harmed, and the periosteum also remains unchanged, except at the entry stage. The blood flow of the bone therefore is retained. Sutures are then placed on the incision of the skin.


Estimated Costs

Cost for investigations  would generally range between USD 600 to USD 700

Cost of procedure would generally be as below:

Hospital City Cost of Orthopedic procedure  
Artemis Hospital Gurugram USD 7800
Jaypee Hospital Greater Noida USD 8000
BLK Super Specialty Hospital New Delhi USD 8200
Indraprastha Apollo Hospital New Delhi USD 8400
W Pratiksha Hospital Gurugram USD 7400
Sharda Hospital Noida USD 7000
Max Hospital Gurugram USD 7200


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