Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery
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What is Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery?Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery

Arthroscopy is a procedure used by orthopedic surgeons for inspecting, diagnosing and repairing issues within a joint. Shoulder arthroscopy is a procedure that allows visualization, diagnosis and treatment of several issues within and around the shoulder joint of a rotator cuff. The arthroscopy and surgical instruments are thin, and the surgeon may use very tiny incisions instead of the bigger incision required for standard open surgery. Arthroscopic shoulder procedure is used to treat many common shoulder conditions, including bursitis, tendonitis, arthritis, rotator tears, labral tears, and the instability of the shoulder.


What are the symptoms of Shoulder Problems? 

  • Impingement
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Arthritis
  • Subtle dislocation of the shoulder joint


Evaluations for Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery

  • Physical Examination
  • Shoulder Examination
  • X-rays
  • MRI


Treatment for Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery 

Arthroscopy takes place in an outpatient surgical setting. This procedure is performed under general anesthesia. To insert the scope and any required tools, two or three tiny incisions are needed. The surgeon will examine all of the tissues (cartilage, bones, tendons and ligaments) and the region of your shoulder. The joint is filled with sterile fluid to make it easier for the surgeon to see. The surgeon makes little incisions and inserts through them other instruments and fixes a tear in a muscle, tendon or cartilage. Any damaged tissue is either repaired or removed.


During your surgery, your doctor may do one or more of these processes:

  • Rotator cuff repair – The tendon edges are brought together. Sutures attach the tendon to the bone. To help attach the tendon to the bone, small rivets are often used. The anchors can be made of metal or plastic and should not be removed following surgery.


  • Impingement syndrome surgery – In the region above the shoulder joint, damaged or inflamed tissue is cleaned. You can cut a ligament known as the coracocromial. A bone’s underside, the acromion, can be shaved, as well as a bony growth on the underside of the acromion that causes impingement syndrome.


  • Shoulder instability surgery – The surgeon will repair it if you have a torn labrum. The labrum is the cartilage lining  the joint’s surface. It will also repair ligaments attached to the area. The Bankart lesion is a tear in the lower part of the shoulder joint on the labarum. The labrum and the ligament at the top of the shoulder joint are involved in a SLAP lesion. The incisions will be closed with stitches at the end of the procedure and covered with a dressing.


Estimated Costs 

Cost of investigations would generally range between USD 400 and USD 600

Cost of Surgery would generally be as below:

Economy Ward USD 3000
Twin Sharing Room USD 3600
Private room USD 4200
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