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Testimonial: Irene Nyawira Muthee

Pateint's Name:

My name is Irene Nyawira Muthee. I arrived in India on 30 Dec’18 for treatment of Epilepsy. I was received by HBG Medical Assistance case manager Abhimanyu Kumar and taken to a guest house. It was a great reception and I appreciate it so much.
The next day he came and took me to the Artemis hospital to meet Dr. Aditya Gupta who had a very deep understanding of Epilepsy. He suggested to me how my surgery for epilepsy will help me to get cured. My investigations were done in short span of time and I was offered the surgery for my Epilepsy without any waiting.
Today, I am very well and thank full to my doctor. He really took good care of me. I am also very thankful to HBG Medical Assistance and specially Abhimanyu Kumar, who has been like a little brother to me and I really appreciate him.
I shall recommend his and HBG Medical Assistance services to people needing treatment in India. Thanks a lot and God bless.

Your’s faithfully,
Irene Nyawira Muthee

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