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Ascending Aorta & Arch Surgery

About Ascending Aorta & Arch Surgery

The procedure involves excision of the ascending aorta and underside of the aortic arch, and placement of a
thoracic aortic stent graft into the descending aorta at the time of arch repair. The native aortic valve and root
are repaired, and the ascending aorta and proximal arch are replaced with a Dacron graft.

Treating Doctors
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Dr. Naresh Trehan
Experience in Years
35 Years
Dr. Anvay Mulay
Experience in Years
30 Years
Dr. A Nagesh
Experience in Years
14 Years
Dr. Dhananjay Malankar
Experience in Years
9 Years
Dr. Ashok Gupta
Experience in Years
28 Years
Dr. Bhaskar B. V.
Experience in Years
10 Years
Dr. Ajay Kaul
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