We want you to feel safe, comfortable and assured that you are in safe hands. We have developed this after-care policy to enable you to confidently seek a response and a resolution if you have a complaint in connection with any medical travel organized for you by HBG.

Complaints about HBG:

Should you be dissatisfied with any of the services provided to you by HBG, you can contact us on [email protected] and we will respond to your concerns within 24 hours from the time we receive your Complaint.

Complaints about your treatment or a Provider

If your Complaint is in relation to any Provider or any medical treatment or procedure, you must contact us within 6 months from the last date of your Treatment. This Complaints Policy does not apply to Complaints received after the 6-month period.

Upon receipt of your Complaint, we will attempt, wherever we reasonably can, to facilitate the resolution of your Complaint by:

  • Taking time to understand the nature of your Complaint and making a record of the details of your Complaint;
  • Directing your Complaint to the relevant Provider;
  • Providing you with the contact details for the representative of the Provider who is responsible for handling Complaints;
  • Providing reasonable support and assistance to you to facilitate a resolution with that Provider; and
  • On-forwarding any communication we receive from the Provider about your Complaint to you, so that you are kept in the loop.
  • Endeavoring to facilitate an outcome/resolution with the Service Provider within 90 days of acknowledging receipt of your Complaint.

Upon forwarding your Complaint to the relevant Provider, we will ask that Provider to undertake a review of the Complaint. We imagine that that Provider as part of the Review, will consider the following matters:

  • Whether the complication is as a result of your unrealistic expectations,, your previous medical history and/or any pre-existing conditions;
  • Whether or not you have followed in full the Provider’s post-operative instructions; and
  • Whether the issue is related to your Treatment and the Provider’s services or otherwise.

To promote a swift resolution to any Complaint you may have, we have asked that each Provider endeavors to provide a formal response to each Complaint within 90 days after receiving the Complaint from HBG.

Revision Surgery

Where the Provider is required to correct a Treatment following an internal review or investigation by the Provider, or by the findings or decision of an external body such as a court or tribunal or investigator, or where the Provider otherwise agrees to correct a Treatment, the following conditions will apply:

  • The Provider will perform the required Revision Surgery and you will not be charged the relevant surgeon’s fees.
  • You will be required to pay for the Provider’s theatre costs relating to the Revision Surgery.
  • The cost of flights and accommodation in hotel (if required) will be bared by the patient to attend the Revision Surgery.
  • Revision Surgery must take place within 1 year of the date of your original surgery.

Medical Insurance

This After-care Policy is subject to the following disclaimers:

  • The facilitation of the resolution of Complaints is offered as a client service only and does not constitute the admission of liability in relation to any negligent or other alleged conduct on the part of HBG or the Provider;
  • During the facilitation of the resolution of a dispute (or at any other time), HBG is not acting as an agent for the Provider or the Client;
  • HBG will not act as an advocate on behalf of the Client;
  • Although HBG takes reasonable steps to facilitate a satisfactory resolution for all Complaints, HBG is not able to make any warranties or guarantees that Complaints will be resolved in a satisfactory manner for all clients.