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About Sreedhareeyam

Traditional Ayurvedic wisdom inherited over three centuries from Nelliakkattu Mana, an eminent Namboothiri family is known for Ayurvedic Netra Chikitsa. The seniors of NABH accredited centre Sreedhareeyam obtained professional trainings of modern technological advancements to ensure all the doctors are well equipped to serve the patient’s needs where traditional Ayurveda is deeply reliant on the expertise of the doctor in identifying disease conditions.

The Government of Kerala introduced Green Leaf Certification as a highest possible rating certificate for establishing highest quality in healthcare centres. Sreedhareeyam bagged the Green Leaf certification in recognition of its quality assurance at the highest possible standard. 

Foundation set up in 1998, Sreedhareeyam has grown into 350 bed hospital with all the modern proficiency for treatment of eye diseases. It has spread its wings to 23 branches PAN India.

The ancient Ayurvedic wisdom holder has also made itself capable of providing world class accommodation and amenities to International patients. The setup of 20 Villas, Cottages, Deluxe Rooms, and Food Court offers the patient an all-round care and privacy.

Apart from traditional Ayurvedic Netra Chikitsa, Sreedhareeyam uses yoga and physiotherapy to create a complete holistic healing experience for you. They believe there are certain procedures in Yoga which are beneficial for the vision and healing process.

At Sreedhareeyam the essential part of their belief system is, every day the journey of doctor and medicines start from completing the morning rituals at the temple of Sreedhareeyam Nelliakkattu.

Some of the treatments offered at Sreedhareeyam is –

  • Eye of the treatment
  • Panchakarma
  • Arthritis
  • Musculoskeletal Disorders
  • Skin Disorders
  • Gynaecological Disorders
  • Out-patient services.

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