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Dr. Pratibha Singhi

Consult Dr. Pratibha Singhi
Dr Pratibha
38 Years
Languages Spoken
Hindi, English
Head of Pediatric Neurology

About Dr. Pratibha Singhi

Dr. Pratibha Singhi is a highly accomplished and internationally renowned senior pediatric neurologist with a career spanning over 40 years… Dr. Singhi has held several prestigious positions throughout her career. She served as the Head of Pediatrics and Pediatric Neurology at PGIMER Chandigarh and later at Medanta. She is currently the President of the International Child Neurology Association (ICNA), a global organization dedicated to advancing the field of child neurology. Dr. Singhi is also a founder member of the Child Neurology and Childhood Disability groups in India. In recognition of her contributions, Dr. Singhi has received numerous accolades and honors. She was listed among the top 2 scientists in the world in a study published by Stanford University in the United States. Dr. Pratibha Singhi has received numerous prestigious awards and honors throughout her career. Some of these include multiple gold medals, the President of India Medal, research awards, orations, scholarships, and fellowships. Her specialization includes treatment for childhood neurological disorders such as Autism, cerebral palsy, seizures, stroke management in children as well as infections of the nervous system like meningitis and encephalitis.

Dr. Pratibha Singhi’s Qualifications


Dr. Pratibha Singhi’s Speciality

  • Childhood neurological disorders
  • Seizures and Epilepsy in Infants and children
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders,
  • Cerebral palsy
  • ADHD and Learning Disabilities
  • Neurodevelopmental, Behavioral, and Psychosomatic disorders
  • Meningitis and Encephalitis
  • Neurocysticercosis
  • Tuberculosis of the Nervous System
  • Paralysis and Stroke in children
  • Movement Disorders

Dr. Pratibha Singhi’s Awards, Achievements and Honors

  • Frank Ford Award of the International Child Neurology Association (ICNA) for Life Time Scientific Achievement in pediatric Neurology and Contribution to ICNA, (2022)
  • KC Choudhary Award of the IJP for Lifetime Achievement in pediatrics-Neurology, (2022)
  • First S. Janaki Memorial Oration by the National Academy of Medical Sciences (2013) for outstanding contribution to pediatric and Adolescent Neurology.
  • Awarded the Oration of The growth and Development Chapter of IAP at the GDBPCON 2016, Pune 10th Dec 2016 Oration on “Neurodevelopmental Disorders –Role of pediatrician”
  • Awarded the First PK Mishra Oration on “Cerebral Palsy and its management-recent Concepts” to mark the First Foundation Day Celebration of 53 rd. Foundation day of King George Medical University Lucknow, 14th Nov 2006.
  • Received the Best paper award from BMJ South Asia Awards on 30th October 2015 for the paper on “Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing Cerebral Perfusion Pressure-Targeted Therapy Versus Intracranial Pressure-Targeted Therapy for Raised Intracranial Pressure due to Acute CNS Infections in Children.
  • Awarded the Oration of the Association of Child Neurology from 12-14 February, 2016 for Life Time Achievement in pediatric Neurology and Neurodevelopment. Awarded Fellowship of National Academy of Medical Sciences 2009. for outstanding contributions in Medical Sciences especially in Child Neurology and Neurodevelopment
  • Awarded “Medical Scientist Award” by Dr Shurvir Singh Trust, Rajasthan for the year 2002-03 for outstanding contributions in Medical Sciences especially in pediatric Neurology and Neurodevelopment.
Works At Hospital
Amrita Hospital
Hospital's Accreditation
NABH, NABL, ISO: 90001
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Office No. 001, Ground Floor ASCOT CENTRE, Sahar Rd, near Hilton Hotel, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400099
Muthithi Road 18 Westlands, Kenya


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