Women’s Day Special-Women Health Issues

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women health issues

We will celebrate International Women’s Day this Monday. So basically, how about breaking the conventional pattern of International Women’s Day and celebrating Women’s week. So, to all women I am wishing you all a very happy women’s week. Days, weeks, years should pass on but you should live strong and healthy. This blog is dedicated to all women. Read on and be blessed with a better health by conquering these common women health issues.

Can on Women’s Day we try to reduce maternal mortality?

Giving birth to a child in a developing country can be kind of fatal. Maternal mortality rate in Nigeria is comparatively high. A report says that 3,200 out of 10,000 women die while giving birth. This is the data collected in just 42 days in Nigeria. The question is how? Of course, the answer is by awareness. The more we can aware women about their health and the health of their children a healthier life can be achieved.

An HIV free World– promise for Women’s Day

In sub-Saharan Africa there are about 23.5 million people living with HIV. Less than 30% of young women have a clear understanding of what HIV is all about. The region has 1 female condom for every 10 women. African women constitute 58% of all people living with HIV in the country.

Tuberculosis can be treated?

Women mortality rate due to tuberculosis in Nigeria is high. A bacteriological study of 114 infertile patients in Northern Nigeria revealed a prevalence rate for genital tuberculosis of 16.7%. The low incidence of a past history of pulmonary tuberculosis may relate to gastro-intestinal sources of the infective organisms, illiteracy and delay in seeking medical advice. The presenting features are indistinguishable from those of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease. Since 94.7% of the patients are young (20 to 35 years of age) and the mean duration of infertility long (8.1 years), despite marriage in childhood, infertile women in this environment should be investigated without delay at an earlier age so as to improve diagnosis and subsequent prognosis.

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