Visa guidelines for medical travel in India

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Medical Visa guidelines for treatment in India

Travelling to India for medical treatment? If yes, then you need one important document to fly down to India. The document is called ‘M-VISA’ (Medical Visa). Medical visas (M-visa) are generally issued by the Indian government to every medical tourist, for a period of one year. The one-year validity of an M-visa can be extended by an additional 12 months in some special cases. Not just this, the Indian government gives priority to the patients travelling for neuro-surgery, neurosurgery, ophthalmic disorders, heart-related problems, renal disorders, organ transplantation, congenital disorders, gene-therapy, radiotherapy, plastic surgery, and joint replacement.

Up to two attendants who are blood relatives are allowed to accompany the applicant under separate Medical Attendant Visas, their visa validity will be the same as the Medical Visa. So you can get your family member for assistance and help.

Earlier patients were allowed to visit only three times in a year during this extended time-frame, with a mandatory two-month gap between two entries. However, recent changes in the regulation have now lifted this two-month gap restriction, except for seven countries including China, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. The Visa duration starts on the day of issuance, not on the day of arrival. Indian government grants free medical visas for Maldivian nationals for a period of 90 days.

As the visa process is very easy and assistive too, so the patients don’t have to worry about it. Apply for a visa and fly to India and get the best medical care and treatment done by our expert surgeons and doctors in the best Indian hospitals.


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