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Cyber Knife and Gamma Knife
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Cyber Knife and Gamma Knife knifeWhat is Cyber Knife and Gamma Knife? 

CyberKnife and Gamma Knife are the main treatments for anyone who is searching for alternatives to brain tumor surgery. They are both efficient treatment choices for people with or who do not want to take the risk of surgery with inoperable or recurring tumors. CyberKnife and Gamma Knife are both specialized in the treatment of stereotactic radiosurgery, but Gamma Knife is restricted to the treatment of cancer over the ear and the cervical spine. CyberKnife radiation is the only stereotactic body radiation and SRS system to treat cancer across the whole body.


  • The Gamma Knife – The first stage, if the patient is treated with the Gamma Knife technique, is immobilization, wherein the patient is provided with either a stiff head frame or a custom mask for the stability of his head and throat. The selection of the method of immobilization will rely on personal aspects such as the situation to be handled, a particular place, and the type of treatments to be provided. When the course of treatment is completed, the patient is placed on a special table in a Gamma Knife suite, during which the mask or head frame is used to safeguard the treatment. The only moveable component of the Gamma Knife is the table the patient is on. 192 small radiation beams can be provided at the same time and centered on a single calibrated point. The desired treatment objective is shifted by the table to this place. This reduces moving components to the highest feasible accuracy and reliability in treatment.
  • The Cyber Knife – The CyberKnife device, on the other hand, includes a portable radiation delivery system installed on a robotic arm that moves around the patient while sitting on a portable table. The CyberKnife can only be immobilized with a mask, while pairs of X-rays need to be taken many times per minute to check the situation. At any given time, only one radiation beam can be provided and should move from one point to the next instead of being concentrated on a fixed calibrated point. The CyberKnife system is flexible in targeting areas throughout the body, while the Gamma Knife is specially intended for the treatment of the brain and skull base.


Estimated Costs

Hospital City Cost of Investigations  Cost of Procedure 
BLK Hospital Gurugram USD 800 USD 7200
Artemis Hospital New Delhi USD 800 USD 7200
Treating Doctors
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