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Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T-CELL Therapy: Relapsed Blood Cancer Treatment

About Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T-CELL Therapy: Relapsed Blood Cancer Treatment

Doctors in Israel have come out with treatment for relapse cases of Blood Cancer. This treatment can be given even after the patient has been administered Bone Marrow Transplant or Chemotherapy and still the cancer has not been treated or has come back.

The fight back CAR T-Cell therapy for Blood Cancers

The therapy has come as a boon to those patients who have been treated completely for Multiple Myeloma or ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic leukemia) with chemotherapy and Bone Marrow Transplant, but the Cancer has come back. For such cases as already chemotherapy and BMT has been administered, there was no hope left. But Now, with CAR-T cell transplants, the lives of such patients who have relapsed in cases of blood cancer can be saved. The therapy has been proven to be a widespread success, with 90% of patients showing complete remission. Earlier, the therapy was mostly targeted towards children with ALL, but now, it is getting delivered even for adults who have gone through failed chemotherapy or failed Bone Marrow Transplant.

How does Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-cell therapy Work?

Our immune system is a powerful biological machine made up of specific cells and organs that protect the body from infection and diseases. An army of T cells petrol throughout the body for signs of infection and other diseases. The T cells inspect the suspicious cells, and when they find an abnormal one, they immediately attack it while limiting the damage to healthy cells.

T cells have protein receptors or antennae on their surface, which are designed to attach themselves to protein fragments found on the surface of all cells called Antigens. Sometimes, these antigens can be abnormal, alerting the T cells for action. Whenever T cells discover a cancer cell, they latch onto the antigen and ” Turn on” to release toxic chemicals that destroy that cancer cell.

Sometimes, cancer cells develop ways to fool our immune system, especially T cells, and evade its defences by distinguishing themselves as healthy cells or by sprouting many antigens on their surface. As a result, T cells stop recognizing them as foreign and no longer do their job of destroying them. This is how Cancer develops.

Chimeric Antigen Receptor or CAR T-cell treatment is created from a patient’s own T cells, engineered in a lab to be re-infused in large numbers into patients so as to recognize and destroy cancer cells. CAR-T Cell Therapy is designed to strengthen and harness the immune system’s inherent cancer-eliminating powers and remove its disguise. CAR T-cell therapy is the name given to Chimeric Antigen Receptors or genetically modified T-cells, which are used for the treatment of cancers, especially blood cancers. As there are no drugs involved, CAR T-Cell Therapy is also called “ Live Drug”

The processing of “ Live Drug “ starts with collecting thousands of patient’s own T cells through a process called Leukapheresis. Once T-cells are separated, they are sent to the lab, where these cells are genetically modified and reprogrammed so that they can produce a special Chimeric Antigen Receptor.  These newly engineered cells are expanded in the lab, and millions of them are re-infused into the patient following a short course of chemotherapy. The new chimeric antigen receptor specially developed in modified T cells enables them to latch onto a specific antigen that is found on the patient’s cancer cells and destroy them.

Where is the CAR T-Cell Therapy Available?

This treatment is currently available in Israel. HBG Medical Assistance has a special agreement with Hadasaah Hospital in Jerusalem, Israel, to assist patients who need CAR-T Cell Therapy. Hadassah University Hospital is one of the leading institutes that offers CAR-T. This exciting new treatment is showing incredibly promising results for many patients suffering from blood cancer. Israel, with expertise in CAR-T Cell Therapy, is redefining cancer treatment.

What is the Cost of the CAR T-Cell Treatment?

Though the treatment is costly, and the cost may vary from Rs.1.25 cr to 2.5 cr depending upon the case ($1,75,000 to $3,50,000), many people from all over the world are now travelling to Israel to get this treatment. HBG Medical Assistance has helped a few patients receive this treatment and save lives.

How can one access this CAR T-Cell Treatment?

To avail this treatment at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, Israel, you may write to us at or drop-a-message to us at +917506405501 and we will call you back.


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Frequently Asked Questions

You can take this therapy in Israel. You may like to read more about the institute by clicking here – Hadassah

No, CAR-T therapy is offered to that patient for whom the Bone Marrow Transplant has not worked. It is a therapy offered to those whose Bone Marrow Transplant has failed or the Chemotherapy has failed.

This will largely depend upon how bad the situation is. If the doctors feel that the therapy will work better if we give a few chemo sessions 1st then you will be advised accordingly.

Who will make the arrangements for my visit to Hadassah Institute?

You will need to share all your medical reports (at least the latest ones) with us at along with the passport scans of patient and caregiver. We will discuss the reports of patients with Doctors at Israel Hospitals. On the basis of the reports, the doctors in Israel will evaluate if the therapy can be delivered and will give a final cost.

No the opinion and the quotation will come at free of cost.

Will my reports be confidential ?

HBG will not have any service charges for there services. You will only need to pay to the hospital.

Get Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T-CELL Therapy: Relapsed Blood Cancer Treatment
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