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Treatment of Cancer with Ayurveda

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Treatment of Cancer with Ayurveda

The best cancer treatment in Ayurveda is based upon the doctrine of Dhatus. Dhatus are the elements that make our body which are:

  • Rasa Dhatu (Lymph)
  • Rakat Dhatu (Blood)
  • Masam dhatu (Skin and Muscles)
  • Meda Dhatu (Body fat)
  • Aasti Dhatu (Bone)
  • Majja Dhatu ( Bone Marrow)
  • Shukra Dhatu (male semen and female egg)

The above dhatus are connected to each other by microchannels known as srotasam. The nourishment that we get from the meal intake travels from one dhatu to the other preceding dhatu. Now, when a person develops cancer, it is the next adjacent dhatu that is actually having problems and is vitiated. The reason is that the microchannels after the said dhatu which connect one dhatu to the other dhatu get blocked and the excess of nutrition starts increasing one type of cells which are being produced by the preceding Dhatu.

The condition is cured under two steps:

  1. Purifying the vitiated Dhatu (Working on the cells, preventing the excessive division of cells, and preventing the formation of cancerous cells, and increasing the scavenging process for the already deposited cancerous cells)
  2. Purifying the blocked microchannels after vitiated Dhatu, so that only the required nutrition is provided. Once it is purified, it stops the excessive flow of unwanted nutrients to the cancer site so that the cancer cells are deprived of unnecessary nutrition, leading to their gradual removal from the body. Traditional Indian Medicine, Ayurveda, has a unique vision concerning the mechanism that prevents the change of a normal cell into a cancerous cell, growth of cancer cells in the human body. However, when this mechanism is disturbed, that makes the body susceptible to the development of various kinds of cancers.

“Doshas” (Cause Of Symptoms)

Doshas can more precisely be explained as body chemicals. Ie just like we get various parameters like Hb, TLC, Bilirubin, etc. checked in the modern world, the ancients had clubbed all these chemicals into three prime groups: – Vata (Those related to movement in body blood, breath, and excretion), pitta (Body metabolism, digestion, temperature, heat, etc) and Kapha (water and earth elements in our body) are responsible for a healthy life. The imbalance of any three energies may result in health complications. For instance, Vata dosha is responsible for controlling the motor and sensory activity of the brain. The imbalance of Vata dosha is responsible for cerebral palsy as per Ayurveda.

According to Ayurvedic theory, the three doshas are responsible to maintain a stable equilibrium in physiology i.e. when these remain at their proper levels in the body they are responsible for carrying out all the body process in the normal way and in promoting good health, and homeostasis is maintained. This inability to respond indicates poor health from the lack of functional reaction to internal and external stimuli. The result of this reduced response is either an inappropriate immune response (auto-immune) or little to no immune response (inadequate or suppressed immune response). Thus the first very base towards the contributing factors responsible for the transition of normal cells to cancerous cells is the disturbance in the levels of the tridoshas i.e. it can be one, any two, or three of them completely imbalanced which form the very base of this disease.

Treatment of cancer by Ayurveda is very in-depth and holistic in its approach. Ayurveda treats the disease according to the specific nature of the patient, the aggravated body energies involved, and the body tissues that are affected. Treatment does not only focus on the area of the malignancy but on the entire system, as the whole organism must be returned to harmony for the disease to be treated permanently and not recur elsewhere. The body must be purified of the toxins that cause the cells to attack the body. Treatment includes the administration of blood cleansing herbs along with the adoption of a detoxifying diet. Circulatory stimulant herbs are also prescribed to promote circulation, shift stagnation of the blood, increase the efficient elimination of toxins and assist in healing the tissues. Immunity restoring herbs and minerals are given to boost the strength of debilitated patients.

The holistic methods of Ayurveda for cancer treatment include:

  • Abstinence from food and lifestyle that cause tridosha imbalance
  • Eliminating toxins through Panchakarma
  • Restoration of healthy jatharagni (digestive power) functions
  • Rejuvenation through chemical (Rasayana)
  • Ayurvedic preparations can act as an adjuvant or a co-therapy along with chemotherapy or radiotherapy – It is also helpful in post-surgery care
  • Ayurvedic medicines help to minimize the side effects of these therapies

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