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Patient Testimonial (Stress)

Patient Testimonial (Stress)

Patient Name: Kapil Kakkar
Ayurveda Treatment: Stress
Ayurveda Institute: Kairali

I was suffering with stress and anxiety since last 3-4 months. I was unable to focus on my work and family, as if I have forgoten to smile. Then I heared abut Authentic Ayurveda Institute by HBG Medical Assistance.

When I came for treatment by seeing the atmosphere and breez I was already feeling relaxed. Doctors are v ery supportive and caring. I must say even if you don’t need any treatment, you should take experience of ayurveda therapies for your own mind and body. It relaxes you not only physically but mentally also. After therapy I am back to my original life. Many thanks to HBG and Kotakallam people. 

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