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Patient Testimonial (Post Covid recovery Treatment)

Patient Testimonial (Post Covid recovery Treatment)

Patient Testimonial (Post Covid recovery Treatment):

Patient Name: Garima Moitra
Ayurveda Treatment: Body Fatigue
Ayurveda Institute: Ayurvaid

Excellent therapist, dedicated and experienced. I was constantly coughing even after I recovered from COVID. I was having tiredness and body pain. I got relief and feeling amazing after body Ayurveda treatment at Ayurvaid Institute. Ayurvaid is one of the best Ayurveda institute and I recommend to everyone. I was detected COVID positive and after recovery also I was not able to get rid from my fatigue and weakness. So, I decided to go for Ayurveda therapy. HBG Medical Assistance guided me very well for my treatment. Therapy removed all toxins from our body and makes body feel healthy and look good. Thank you Ayurvaid and HBG for giving human being such magical ancient treatment.

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