Ramadan, Diabetes and Fasting – What should you know?

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Ramadan , Diabetes & Fasting

Holiness is in the air! It is the month of Ramadan and fasting is a cultural norm that adheres to this festival. But fasting in Ramadan is not a cakewalk for people with diabetes. Here are few health tips, which would tell what to do and what not to, in line with fasting in Ramadan. People with type-1 diabetes are not supposed to fast at all and people with type -2 diabetes are supposed to fast with caution. Please go through the blog to read the dos and don’ts for fasting in Ramadan.

8 things to keep in mind if you are diabetic and fasting in Ramadan:

  • Please keep in mind that you fast for Ramadan only if your diabetes is Type-2 diabetes. People with Type-1 diabetes should completely avoid fasting.
  • While fasting keeps a check on your symptoms. If you find a sick day in the middle of your fasting, you should quit your fast then and there.
  • Keep monitoring your blood sugar level.
  • People with diabetes should avoid overeating. After fasting the whole day, generally, people gorge up on food at the sunset meal. This might lead to high blood pressure and to curb this, it is mandatory for you to eat in moderation.
  • Your exercise schedule needs to be modified to avoid you getting a lower blood sugar level. You should exercise after 2 hours of sunset meal.
  • Food restriction and dehydration may lead to certain cardiac problems in elderly people.
  • You should select your medicines with a lot of care and concern. Drugs that act by increasing the production of insulin are to be preferred. Some patients on metformin may fast safely with minimal complications.
  • However, two-thirds of the total daily dose should be given just before the sunset meal and the rest one-third before the predawn meal. Patients on pioglitazone may require no change in dose. Patients on sulfonylureas may require medical clearance before commencing fast
  • Try to modify your insulin doses. Might be one before sunset meal and one dose before predawn meal.

With Diabetes – Have a Happy and Healthy Fasting!

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