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Osarobo Adeghe , Plateau, Nigeria Review 2 – HBG

Mrs. and Mr. Agunsoye could not believe it when doctors in Nigeria told them that Mr. Agunsoye was suffering from a rare kidney disease which has only one treatment A RENAL TRANSPLANT. He had not shown any symptoms like Change in urination, Fatigue, Swelling, Itching, Shortness of breath, etc. and the need for a renal transplant was difficult for him to digest.

After coming to terms with the situation, Mr. Agunsoye started his search for a hospital in Nigeria that can help him undergo the transplant. His wife agreed to donate her kidney in love. All he required was a quality hospital and a good surgeon. But somehow stories of surgeries failing, limited infrastructure to deal with complications, post-operative support, lack of skills in support staff to handle such big cases, a very high cost, and a high rate of infection back home forced him to look for options beyond his homeland.

One of his friends who is also a doctor advised him to consider India as an option for getting his transplant done. Again, the feeling of anxiety enveloped him – to decide for a country where he has never been before and that too for such a major treatment. As good fortune struck and he came to know about our company HBG Medical Assistance, which coordinates for international patients in getting quality treatment in India. He wrote to us elaborately on his medical issues and we sorted out all doubts one by one. We helped him choose the best hospital for him, a very well experienced doctor, and provided him with all logistical support.

Our recommended Renal Transplant Surgeon Dr. ANANT KUMAR is internationally renowned with 21 years of experience and had done around 1600 kidney transplants. For the past 9 years, he has been laparoscopically retrieving the donor kidney, which ensures the donor to fit to travel in 1 week time after surgery.

He finally made his mind and landed in India on 23rd September 2010. We were there to receive him at the Airport with all support at our disposal knowing that he might need our help at the very doorsteps. Also, we wanted his stay in India as comfortable as possible. After getting the entire necessary test done we arranged for his case to approved by the approval committee. On receiving all due approvals, he and his wife got admitted on the 11th for the surgery. They were in expert hands but the whole team still prayed for his good recovery.

As expected surgery was a SUCCESS. His wife got discharged on the 15th with good health and he himself was discharged on the 18th. Doctors advised him one month stay for recuperation and follow up. He is currently recovering very fast and gaining strength day by day.

Thank God for his mercy as he could now live a normal life. Now, he is feeling blessed not only for his survival but also for how god and destiny led him to us and he landed in India to live another day!

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