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Open Heart Bypass Surgery in India: What you need to know

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Open Heart Bypass Surgery cost in India

Heart bypass surgery which is an open heart surgery comes as a boon for them who cannot be benefited by any other medications or surgery. With the top experienced doctors in the world, India stands apart with its expertise in the field of heart bypass surgery.

In open heart bypass surgery, a blood vessel from other parts of the body is used to channel blood around the blocked area. The blood vessel has to be working in condition. The heart bypass surgery is done at the extreme case when medication and angioplasty fail. In case of stenosis in multiple arteries, heart bypass surgery is considered helpful. Heart bypass surgery is also known as CABG.

Open Heart Bypass Surgery Procedure

A graft is used to clear a blocked artery in case of heart bypass surgery. It is originally a common blood vessel that is attached above and below the area inside the blocked artery. Graft is taken from an internal mammary artery of the chest or the veins of the leg. During the surgery body is connected to a heart-lung bypass machine for the blood to flow. The heart is stopped while the surgeon operates.

Who needs a heart bypass surgery

People who recently met a heart attack should consider bypass surgery as a treatment. Damaged heart muscles are saved in this treatment. Incase of a severe coronary artery stenosis a patient should go for heart bypass surgery.

Result of heart bypass surgery

Heart bypass surgery is a big help in recovering from angina or stenosis.


In this type of medical condition, the patient experiences severe chest pain and squeezing sensation in the heart.


Stenosis is a serious heart condition where abnormal narrowing in the tubes are found which puts tremendous pressure on the walls of the arteries.

Life post-surgery

The patient can resume small day-to-day chores like moving, eating etc. within 3-4 days of surgery. Full recovery takes 6-8 weeks.

Heart bypass surgery in India

If you are looking for heart surgery in India then you should make a plan to stay for 2 weeks in India. Patients generally get functional around 6-8 weeks of the surgery.

Heart surgery cost in India

Heart surgery in India is affordable and of high standard. If you ever look for a bypass surgery then its always a better option to eye India for many reasons. May it be the top most heart surgeons in the world are from India, the best of the facilities or heart surgery in India is affordable.

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