India Among Top Medical Tourism Destinations

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India as Medical Tourism destination

As medical travel is booming thus every developed and/or developing country are putting their steps in this sector. India is playing an important role in Medical travel as it offers and ensures affordable healthcare to the people travelling to India for medical aid therefore, medical tourism companies in India are booming.

There are a plethora of parameters that assure that India is the destination when it comes to affordable and valuable healthcare. These parameters are as follows:


India provides innovative solutions in healthcare in order to sustain lower-cost models making it more affordable for the patients.

Quality of Healthcare: 

A major factor behind patients repeatedly visiting India is for its services, especially in areas of advanced medical care and life-saving surgeries. This how India provides its expertise in healthcare to the ones in need.

Offers beyond Allopathy: 

Unlike other medical travel destinations, India provides a wide area of treatment types. It’s not just restricted to surgical or medicine-based treatments but, also gives an open and equal space to other forms of treatments like Ayurveda, Yoga Unani, etc. India’s cultural diversity and ancient history of herbal cure have set a benchmark already around the world.


With a huge availability of accommodation options along with language similarity and cultural adaptability, India gives a competition to the rest of the world with its wide arms open arms welcoming patients warm-heartedly. India also stands out on the basis of its infrastructure such as road and airport connectivity enhancing the medical tourist experience.

Healthcare Infrastructure:

India being among desired medical travel destination assures patients flying in, with world-class infrastructure in the form of numerous hospitals along with world-wide acknowledged doctors/experts and modern treatment equipments.

Amenable Legal Framework: 

India hosts very less restrictive policy for international patients seeking medical care. It provides following:

    • Easy Visa issuing
    • Flexible regulatory process

Government Initiatives: 

Medical travel in India is not just restricted to the private market stakeholders but, Indian government also plays an inevitable role of promoting awareness about the healthcare facilities it holds by conducting awareness campaigns (online/offline) and related appropriate measures

India scores well on these parameters thus standing out in the medical travel sector. India ensures quality yet affordable healthcare to all who fly down in search of medical aid.

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