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About Emsey Hospital

Esmey hospital is the one of leading hospital located on the Asian side of Istanbul, Esmey hospital. It was established in the year 2012. The hospital is only 5 min away from the sabiha Gokcen airport, which is Istanbul second Airport. This JCI accredited hospital has advanced medical technology and provides its services as per international standards. The hospital is very close to five star high quality hotels, university campus, and many shopping malls including the largest and most visited shopping mall of the turkey.The Emsey Hospital is a well-known general hospital that has all therapeutic branches in Basic Medicine, Surgical Medicine and Internal Medicine as well as various special branches of medicine with advanced technological facilities and treatment options. Emsey Hospital is being one of the world`s leading healthcare centers has got the universal advanced medical technology. Esmey hospital, which is the well experienced tremendous growth within the scope of health tourism, has started to open representative agencies in foreign countries to provide international patients with counseling and support before they travel to Istanbul for treatment.

Emsey Hospital is one of the most established Healthcare providers in Turkey. The hospital not only boasts of great infrastructure but also has very low costs. The doctors in Emsey Hospital in Turkey work to ensure that the costs of treatment remain comparatively compared to other hospitals in Turkey.

Location- Emsey Hospital is present in- Istanbhul (Turkey).

Emsey Hospital has following main departments-

  1. Oncology Treatmnet – Emsey Hospital for Cancer Services in Turkey – Know more about Cancer Treatments and Target Therapy for Cancer Treatment  – Click Here
  2. Cardiac Surgery  – Emsey Hospital for Cardiac Surgery in Turkey – Know more about Cardiac By Pass Surgery – Click Here
  3. Spine Surgery – Emsey Hospital for Spine Surgery in Turkey- Know more about Spine Surgery – Click Here
  4. Neuro-Surgery – Emsey Hospital for Neurosurgery in Turkey- Know More about Neuro-Surgery – Click Here

Important news about the hospitalEmsey Hospital enters in Georgia

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Emsey Hospital’s Infrastructure

The hospital spanned in an area of 33,000 square centimeter, with 9 operating theaters, 254 beds, 3 delivery rooms, helipad and 10,500 sqm parking lot. In the hospital campus has a pharmacy, laboratory, ATM, café and food court. The patient also provided number of option for the accommodation including the private room, Twin sharing room and triple sharing room.

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