Globally Challenged Healthcare Infrastructure leaves patients nowhere to go


Turkey announced a complete lock down starting 29th of April for 3 weeks. Turkey was one of the major destinations where people from Central Asian region would travel to for medical care. This leaves patient who need treatment other than COVID in desperate situations.

Situation is not so different in India. Though, India has not announced lock down but flights not being available, patient have not been able to travel to India. Now, India is a very large destination for patients coming in from Africa, Middle East and select countries of Central Asia. As, COVID sweeps across the country and beds get utilised for COVID management, it leaves very less capacity to be utilised by non-COVID patients and even lesser for an International patient.

We have seen this phenomenon across Medical Travel Destinations – USA, Germany, Brazil, Thailand etc. So, assuming a patient in Kenya needs a Cancer Treatment, he practically has nowhere to go.

We at HBG Medical in these challenging times were feeling helpless and sorry. A very small and tiny microorganism has brought such a massive limitation in our lives. Though, we were able to assist our Medical Oncology patients who needed Chemotherapy only by sending chemo drugs by available flights, we were not been able to help others much.

But then is there a solution?  Unfortunately not yet. Is this how it will be for ever? Fortunately not. All destinations have started taking measures to bring the condition in control. We have seen in last few months that the moment situation is better the travel begins. In months between October 2020 and March 2021, India has been able to assist thousands of patients. Turkey too has assisted many and so has other countries. We can only feel apologetic towards those patients who we are unable to assist now and add hope to those who are in position wait. But we can certainly add assurance, we will be back and back very very soon.

HBG Medical Assistance is working in association with all leading hospitals in India and provides the finest healthcare facilities. We bridge the gap between Indian Health Care and the rest of the world – Serving in Africa, the Middle East, CIS and Western World. HBG stands for each and every patient traveling through them – It guardians, It advocates and It ensures.

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