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I write on behalf of Mr. Lameck Smart Ogwal and Mrs. Cecilia Barbara Atim-Ogwal. They both arrived at BLK super specialty hospital for medical attention on 16-Aug-18. I am their son and came along to support them. Mr. Ogwal’s medical attention is covered under AAR insurance in Uganda which is represented by your company – HBG Medical Assistance in India.

This message is to inform you of the exceptional service that we received through your case manager at BLK Hospital – Rajat Sharma.

From the moment we arrived in New Delhi he took us under his arm and managed all our requirements at the hospital. The International section of the hospital which is designed to cater to international clients like us has been extremely busy and so we received minimal assistance from them.

However, Rajat is well acquainted with the processes at the hospital and knows who to see when required. He was able to arrange all the billing approvals, medical consultations, admission, medication, transportation, and any other requirements.

The experience was so greatly simplified with his input that it has prompted me to bring it to your attention. All this he did even while he had many other clients to attend to.

I would like to thank you greatly for the service you have rendered through your case manager Rajat Sharma while my father went through surgery under your care.

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