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Testimonial: Dr. Aigoro

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Dr. Aigoro

I wish to thank HBG Medical Assistance, Mr. Abhik, and Mr. Akhil for all the assistance given in having stress-free two-week training at Artemis Health Institute.

The training has been exciting and educative. Dr. O.O. Kukoi, the Medical Director, Ace Medicare clinic Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria who sponsored the training in Arthroscopy / Orthography has been wonderful.

May God bless him abundantly. Dr. Oberoi and Dr. Rajiv Verma under whom I learned so many things and highly appreciated their efforts.

Mr. Akhil has been wonderful from the day he came to pick me up at the IGI Airport and has several calls and visits. They guided me to an important place in New Delhi.

Today 10 Aug 2012 is an “Icing on the Cake”.

Many thanks and God bless you all.

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