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Testimonial: Redemptor Kabyetsiza - HBG

Patient Name
Redemptor Kabyetsiza - HBG

Dear HBG Team, Greetings from Kampala Uganda. I write to thank the HBG Medical Assistance team for the excellent services extended to My mum Mrs. Redemptor Kabyeysiza and me through your very competent and highly experienced staff Azeem.

Azeem demonstrated professionalism, remarkable performance, knowledge of his role, good communication, and people management skills in the field of Patient coordination with all the relevant facilities and facilities.

He was always considerate of patient needs and took immediate action and gave real-time feedback which is critical in keeping patients updated and not creating any anxiety.

Mrs. Redemptor Kabyetsiza has remained in India as she still has post-surgery reviews.

Am confident that she will be well looked after.

I also give credit to Mr. Haider a young man zealous, respectful and enthusiastic character interested in learning the procedures and systems.

Finally, I thank Mr. Aditya who intervened to see to it that excellent services are extended to us.

God Bless HBG Medical Assistance

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