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Testimonial: Rosewinter Kubvaruno - HBG

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Rosewinter Kubvaruno - HBG

I would like to thank HBG Medical Assistance for all the assistance they gave us and for making our stay in India pleasant and I would recommend them to anyone going to India for medical purposes.

6 Jan’19 we arrived in India with my sick mother, we did not know anything about India or about the hospital we were going to, but when we arrived Mr. Aditya and Mr. Abhimanyu of HBG Medical Assistance were waiting for us at the airport and we were well received. They took us to the guest house we were to stay. We are thankful for the welcome.

I’d like to make a special mention of Mr. Abhimanyu Kumar, he has been with us the whole time, taking us to the hospital to see the doctors and made sure we were getting everything we needed there. I and my mother are very thankful, he was there for every doctor’s appointment. After mum had received all the necessary treatment and was discharged from the hospital, he showed us around taking us to different markets here, we now have a better knowledge of India thanks to Mr. Abhimanyu.

Even if we did not need him, he would always call to ask if we were okay or if we needed anything. We have been here the whole month, and he has made our stay pleasant and for that, we are forever grateful and would like to thank him for making our India experience memorable.


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