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Testimonial: Deng Malith - HBG

Patient Name
Deng Malith - HBG
S. Sudan

Honestly, I take this opportunity to thank the Indian hospitals, people at large and it is important not to forget to thank all doctors and staff at Artemis Hospital, they are so friendly and kind. Last but not the least, I am so thankful to HBG Medical Assistance and their case manager Manish Kumar. He is a hard-working person with wonderful generosity. He has a unique ability on how to approach the staff in the hospital and how to handle problems facing us responsibly. He is so intelligent and industrious person. I wish to reunite with him again. My last special thanks go to Mr. Aditya, the team leader and organization HBG Medical Assistance for the great services rendered to us with my son at the critical time I was down. The team leader Mr. Aditya is a wise person. I appreciate and congratulate him for being a generous, intelligent, hard-working person and he deserved to receive more blessings from God.

Thanks, your’s faithfully,
Stephen Malith Akok

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