Diabetes Symptoms – When to consult a doctor?

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Diabetes symptoms

Learn the basic symptoms of the most common lifestyle disease, Diabetes. If you are exhibiting any of these, it may be possible that they are diabetes symptoms and you need to contact your healthcare provider and make an appointment to get your blood sugar level checked.

1-Increased thirst and urination is a sign of diabetes

Due to rise of glucose level in the blood, the kidney tries to filter sugar from your blood. When there is a high sugar level in the blood the kidneys find it tough to adjust. The excess amount of glucose is excreted into your urine along with fluids from the body. This is the reason for frequent urination and dehydration in your body.

2-Increased hunger indicates diabetes

Your body now needs to utilize the extra insulin to pull glucose into your cells. When you have a lack of insulin, or are insulin resistant, your body can not store the glucose in your cells. Because the body needs glucose for energy and your body is not storing enough you are feeling week and hungry more at the same time.

3-Weakness and fatigue is also a sign of diabetes

In the same line as the body is not able to store enough glucose, you are feeling weakness and fatigue. As the body is not able to pull glucose into the cells, the body does not have the proper amount of energy to function the most. This causes weakness and fatigue.

4-Weight loss is caused due to diabetes at times

Unexpected weight gain or loses your body is excreting glucose out and the body is running short of energy you are losing calories. Since your body is not able to compensate for the calorie loss you are losing weight regularly.

5-Tingling and numbness due to diabetes

Due to high blood sugar level you develop a neurological complication. It gives you numbness and tingling sensation in the body. With high sugar level signals transmitted by nerves are disturbed. In addition to this the small blood vessels are weak and cuts down blood supply to your nerves. It causes tingling sensation at your feet.

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