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Acibadem Hospital

Istanbul, Turkey

No. of Beds:93 Beds

Acibadem Hospital is one of the most trusted and famous hospital at the location of Istanbul, Turkey. Acibadem Healthgroup was established at October 2015…
Top Specialities:Neuro-Surgery, Spine Surgery, Oncology, Ophthalmology …more

Emsey Hospital

Istanbul, Turkey

No. of Beds:254 Beds

Esmey hospital is the one of leading hospital located on the Asian side of Istanbul, Esmey hospital. It was established in the year 2012…
Top Specialities:Cancer treatments, Cardiovascular Surgery, Gynecology, IVF & Surrogacy Counselling, Nuclear medicine treatments and spinal surgery …more

Jimer Hospital


No. of Beds:1,000 Beds

The hospital is one of the trusted healthcare service hospital near the location of Bursa, Turkey. The hospital was established in the year 2008…
Top Specialities:Cardiology, Endocrinology And Endocrine Surgery, ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat), Gastrointestinal diseases, Gynecology, Neurology, Oncology (Medical), Orthopedics …more

Kolan International Hospital

Istanbul (Turkey)

No. of Beds:174 Beds

Kolan international hospital is a part of the kolan health group. There are more than 3000 staff member associated with the kolan health group…
Top Specialities:Cardiology, Neurosurgery, Spine Surgery, Hair Transplant Surgery …more

Medicana Hospital

Istanbul (Turkey)

No. of Beds:1,170 Beds

The medicana health group is making the tremendous progressive in serving the patient with their healthcare service meeting international standard…
Top Specialities:Haematology & Bone Marrow Transplant, Orthopedic Treatments, Neuro Sciences, Cardiac Treatments, Infertility Treatment, Oncology Treatments …more

Medistanbul Hospital

Istanbul (Turkey)

No. of Beds:100 Beds

The Medistanbul hospital is located at the Istanbul transportation network European side. The hospital provides the 24/7 meeting service to international standards…
Top Specialities:Urology Surgery, Orthopedic Arthroscopic Treatments, Cardiac Surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive surgery …more

Osmangazi Aritmi Hospital

Bursa (Turkey)

No. of Beds:100 Beds

The Aritmi hospital, is one of the most trusted organization in the health care sector. The hospital provide the experienced medical staff, advanced medical technological equipment and treatment…
Top Specialities:Spine Treatments, Orthopedic Treatments, Neuro Sciences, Cardiac Treatments, Infertility Treatment, Renal Sciences …more
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