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Abdullahi Kabiru, Kanu, Nigeria

A pilot’s fracture surgery grounded him and he landed in India. Abdullahi Kabiru, one of the selects to fly a boing 747 in Nigeria could barely move his right hand when we made a contact. This was after 5 months of him meeting with an accident in his home town Kanu, Nigeria.

It was a bad car accident. Kabiru was taken directly to the hospital from the accident site. He had 3 fractures on his right hand. The doctors did their best and tried to fix the fractures. Kabiru was discharged to recover and recuperate at home. Unfortunately, he could not recover much.

He was not able to move his hand from shoulder down and was left dependent on his left hand to help him. After 5 months of non-recovery, he contacted me through a friend of his who also happened to be a common friend. We invited Kabiru to come to India and promised him all the help. Kabiru flew to Delhi and we took him to Dr. Harshawardhan Hegde, an eminent orthopedic doctor in Delhi, who also happens to be a good friend. With his 25 years of experience in dealing with old trauma and non-united fractures, he was able to spot the problem in the first interaction.

To confirm, he ordered simple X-rays.
He was dead right, the plates that were used in the fracture surgery were too heavy, the screws were tightened on the fracture site and were in the wrong angle. One of the screws also damaged the nerve in the arm which resulted in Kabiru losing his strength. The screws which were on the fracture site were larger than needed and resulted in bone loss.

A redo surgery was immediately recommended, which Kabiru was more than comfortable to take. Dr. Hegde, one of the best orthopedic doctor in India, took out the old plates and put in lighter plates. He did bone grafting at sites which reported of bone loss, tried to recover the nerves, and oriented the screws as per the need. The surgery went well. Kabiru was taken for physiotherapy on day 2, while he was still in the hospital. He was feeling better already but was still apprehensive. But all his apprehensions were gone on day 4 when he was moving almost his entire arm at his own will. He was discharged and continued to remain in a comfortable guest house for his regular physiotherapy.

On 10 day as he was flying back he not only gained much of his strength back, he also was ready with his plans of new flights, although this time he wants to fly as an entrepreneur. Our best wishes to him towards his health and his entrepreneurship.

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