5 Tips on how to control blood Pressure

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Blood pressure-swing causes serious health conditions. Your systolic and diastolic are up and you are suffering from high blood pressure. This statement can be threatening and shaking for you. But there is good news! This blog is going to tell you how to control high blood pressure with 5 easy and handy health tips.


Systolic reading is the top number of the blood pressure reading. Systolic is considered to be perfect when it is less than 140. If it is above 140 you are suffering from high blood pressure.


Diastolic reading in a blood pressure reading is known as the bottom reading of the measurement. It is supposed to be 80 or less. You are suffering from high blood pressure when the reading crosses 80.

Top 5 high blood pressure control tips

Eat right

Now think twice before you rush to the junk food section in the retail store. As whole grains, fruits and vegetables are known as the best diet to check your blood pressure. So say goodbye to junk food and welcome the world of organic living.

Check your sodium intake

This is a major criterion to control your high blood pressure. Instead of using salt, which is the source of sodium try using various spices and herbs, which will make your servings delicious and healthy.

Cut down belly fat

A fat belly might invite many diseases along with high blood pressure. So, try losing your weight by regular exercise and a healthy diet. If your waistline is increasing above normal that is above 32 inches for female and 42 inches for men then you are on the edge!

Party but avoid alcohol

Partying and staying active in your social circle is really heart healthy. Meeting with people and sharing ideas and innovation is always a welcoming factor when we talk about controlling blood pressure. But you should make it a point that you say completely goodbye to alcohol or tobacco. The better your commitment is the healthier you are!

Monthly check up! Don’t ignore it

Once detected with high blood pressure you should visit to your healthcare provider regularly to keep a track with your blood pressure. You can keep one blood pressure measuring kit with you too.

Blood pressure in Nigeria

High blood pressure is a global disease and Nigeria is not an exception. According to WHO there are cases of high blood pressure found in Nigeria too. There are many medicines available to control high blood pressure in the market. But as high blood pressure is a lifestyle disease its always recommended to combat it by lifestyle changes and inculcating some healthy habits.

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